Traditional Moroccan slippers


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Very comfortable slippers made of genuine leather, natural tanning, handmade with traditional techniques, very appreciated by its authentic look


The babouche or “belgha”, emblematic of the Moroccan culture where it has been manufactured for several centuries and, its manufacture in Marrakech gives it all its value.

It comes in a multitude of forms, but traditionally it is made of goat or sheep leather, the flat sole is made of calf skin, it is entirely hand sewn.

Our production at artisanatbladi calls upon our own craftsmen, holders of an ancestral know-how, they perpetuate the tradition on the shape of the babouche while bringing their personal stamp which differentiates each model.

We take special care of the quality of our slippers, they are in the top range of this product.

You will find in the range that we offer, a wide choice among which you will discover the babouche “coup de coeur”.


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